Cretan Honey

Ηoney has been important in Greek and Cretan culture for thousands of years. Our raw, unheated Greek honey comes from a valuable herb of Greece, thyme. Thyme honey is unique thanks to its rich aroma, unique taste, and high nutritional value. Thyme honey is known for its stimulant and antiseptic properties, preventative effects against cardiovascular disorders and its beneficial role against diseases of the urinary and digestive system. It Is rich in phenolic compounds that modulate estrogenic activity. A thyme honey-enriched diet may prevent cancer-related processes in breast, prostate and endometrial cancer cells. Our package is glass jar 340 grams.

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Cretan Thyme Honey








Our company is located in Anopoli, Sfakia, 52 miles south of the city of Chania, on the island of Crete, the largest Greek island located in center of Mediterranean Sea. Our modern facilities meet all national and international food safety standards.

“Cretan Honey by Magna Creta” is collected from the White Mountains at an altitude of 4.800 ft. Sfakia is an untouched region with natural beauty that includes stunning beaches and snowy, rugged mountains. Sfakia has many rare endemic species of plants and animals protected by Greek and European legislation. The area belongs to NATURA and the National Park of Samaria.


The art and knowledge to produce impeccable Thyme Honey has been conveyed in secrecy and reverence from one generation to the other until today.

We strive to elegantly collect the highest quality bee honey so that we may preserve all the nutrients, the authentic flavor and the unique aroma.

Magna Creta IKE, Sfakia, Crete / Greece

Call: +306936923090

e-mail: cretanhoney(at)yahoo(dot)com

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