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The quality of the honey depends widely on the pollen and the types of plants that are used. The best quality of honey comes from flowers, various herbs and thyme. Greece has a temperate climate and an abundant flora, due to this Greek honey is one of a kind. Honey that is produced in Greece isn't found anywhere else in the world. Thyme honey is one of best honey that you will ever taste and it's only found in Greece. Thyme Honey has predestined it's place in the world because pf its distinct flavor and aroma. Try our recipes with our Cretan Honey.

22 Apr Baked Feta with Cretan Thyme Honey

Baked Feta with Cretan Τhyme Ηoney.  Having a party and you want to jazz up your cheese platter add a Greek Meze (appetizer) to it. Baked Feta paired with Cretan Thyme Honey is an absolutely amazing combination. The caramelized honey, fresh ground pepper along with the...

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